To dream of tomorrow, is to say that I am going to make it thru today.

I have a new love for music and everything associated with it. I want to try and make my own song soon, I guess everyone really is an aspiring artist.

I dont read hieroglyphics, but you paint a pretty picture.

Your words coax my thoughts.

Your music entices my dreams.

go to bed, kid, dreams only come true when you close your eyes.


Can’t wait, to see the look in your eyes.

Wonder if I’m looking at the same stars as you.

you’re a closet drunk.

The more I dig for something deep and clever, is when I realize most, I’m just normal.

My mind is nothing but ordinary.
My goals nothing but imaginary.

Reach for the stars, never give up.

It hasn’t worked for me. Good luck.

run from your dreams, they turn into nightmares

A new year, a fresh start.

Starting with broken dreams,and a broken heart.

"it will be better this year"

I’m ready to leave here, but I was ready for that from the start.

Our goodbyes kill me in my dreams.
I wake up hollow, they feel real every time.

You think I can do better, well I can’t do any worse.

You are my biggest fan, I am my worst enemy.

take it or leave it

Majority rules, we are the minority, the fools.

"it doesn’t get any better then this, you have to make the best of what you got"

You have to work hard to work is not just something you can gamble and barter.

How many times can I give up on myself before I realize I need to just fix things. Giving up only makes life worse.

I wish you would listen to me but I think you forgot who I was months ago. Don’t worry I lost myself at about the same time.

my best has never been good enough

"it will get better"

If this is better I don’t want it.
Maybe I want great.

this place is a ghost town…

"I hold grudges like I hold hand grenades."

My open letter to him:

Dear god,
Thank you for not existing.

The one you left behind

Cant lose you

It was hard to fight back the tears, crying eyes are all I hear.

"I’ll call more often"

But I know you won’t answer.

Growing up is the hardest choice you will ever make. Holding true to every mistake.
I need you, hoping you feel the same.
I lost track of time, no one to blame.

adult thoughts, from an adolecent mind.

I would tell you things have changed. But progress report: everythings the same.